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We firmly believe that a piece of furniture is much more than just a utilitarian object; it's an expression of personal style and a means of creating an environment that inspires and comforts.

Whether you're looking for contemporary, modern, Art Deco or Oriental pieces, our range of furniture, including coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, mirrors, Book shelves, consoles, screens, credenza, bars and bedside tables, offers you a wide choice.


In the vast world of interior design, lighting plays a vital role, capable of transforming the atmosphere of a room. Our passion for light and its reflections is embodied in our modular, adaptable lighting fixtures. Our skilled craftsmen work with precision and dedication to shape brass, steel and copper into unique designs that captivate the eye and illuminate the environment.

Inspired by modern, Art Deco, organic, or minimalist aesthetics, we offer wall sconces, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. Bespoke lighting for residential, hotel and commercial projects.

Door Hardware:

For over two years, we've been making custom solid brass door handles, pull handles and Cabinet handles. Handles for entrance doors, interior doors, exterior doors, furniture, kitchens and dressing rooms.

Each handle responds to a style, a culture. Beyond its functionality, it bears the signature of contemporary craftsmanship and refined design.

Several techniques are used by our master craftsmen to offer a range as qualitative as it is diversified. All our door handles, marshal's batons, pull handles and furniture handles are made of solid brass, either patinated, engraved, textured, hammered or chased.

Oriental Touch Collection

Sensuality, warmth, and voluptuousness

Earth Prints Collection

A tribute to nature, to the infinity of its motifs

Open Manifest Collection

A cross-section of artists from all horizons

Art Deco Collection

Elegance and timelessness

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