Design & Inspiration
For more than fifteen years now, as manager of Atelier Landon, i have been designing furniture collections and adapting them to many house and hotel interiors. My inspiration comes from both the history of decorative arts and the vast possibilities offered by contemporary design. Music also, jazz and opera, irrigates my creative work.
Models of Atelier Landon are designed to break through fashion currents. Each of them is a rare and precious piece made exclusively in our workshop by master craftsmen whose technical innovations sublimate their ancestral know-how. Unique models and limited editions are staged in our showroom in Marrakech.
Atelier Landon values cultural diversity and respect of traditions. Our master craftsmen work mainly with metal, especially brass, a durable, resistant and infinitely recyclable material. This alloy has been used since antiquity, and its qualities still make it a material of choice for functional and decorative objects. Its soft shine sparkles in daylight and brightens the dark. It adjusts to all rooms and to the majority of styles and atmospheres.